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Rick Moll - Vacation Specialist

With a background in counseling and several years in mental health professions, I have always enjoyed working with people to enrich their lives.   Travel can be highly therapeitic so I realized this was the perfect job for me to go into.  


I have been traveling for several decades and have always enjoyed learning about destinations.   My favorite places are the Carribean and Europe but I can assist people wherever in the world they want to go.


As a travel advisor, my aporoach is to use great care and understanding to find the right trip that matches the person.  My goal is to build your trust by providing a high quality service so ideally we can have a life long partnership that supports your travel endeavors. It is so important to live by the golden rule that I will treat my customers the way I would want to be treated.  


Although there are so many, some of my own personal favorite travel memories include lunch in Santorini with my wife,  underground caves in Mexico with my kids, and an adventurous run across the Grand Canyon.  There are still many places I still plan on going as I know it is a big world with lots to see.


Travel can make us better people as it allows us to spend time with the ones we love, learn more about the world around us, manage stress, and create memories we always will cherish.  My biggest advice for others is to pursue meaningful experiences and always strive to live a life of no regret